August 2016 Newsletter - Project Amazing Grace
Project Amazing Grace is all bout uniting the world's Christian community in one song. Acknowledging the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Getting the whole to come together and sing Amazing Grace at exactly the same time across the globe - 5 November 2016 @ 16h00 GMT.
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August 2016 Newsletter


August 2016 Newsletter

Tick Tock…

We have entered the back end of 2016, and PAG 2016 is shaping up to be yet another exciting event on Saturday 5 November at 16:00 GMT. We already have a number of hosts and participants who have added their voices to the map. But we believe that one can never have too much unity, even if you are only able to have 2 people join you to sing along, we would encourage you to sign up as a host, wherever you may reside or gather to worship.

More than an event

With that said, PAG is not all about the 5th of November. It is about so much more. Our heart is to use each year building up to the event that we call Project Amazing Grace – where we unite our voices at exactly the same time all across the globe to worship King Jesus – to not just canvas hosts and participants for the event, but also use what resources we have to equip and bless the body of Christ.
As part of this mandate we are sending two representatives of PAG on mission to Brazil and the East (we are not permitted to disclose the location as it is a persecuted nation). These people will go to equip the church in Brazil by running a worship course and ministering at several churches. The team going into the persecuted nation will go with a similar purpose in order to build up the persecuted church and encourage them in the Lord. We are expectant to hear extraordinary testimonies of what God will do and we would appreciate if you would partner with us in prayer for the teams going. If you have it on your heart to sow into these trips financially as they go to expand the kingdom of God on earth, please contact us, preferably via email or you can contribute by clicking here.

We need YOU

As an organisation we rely heavily on the participation of our hosts, partners and participants to make the event on 5 November a success and one that glorifies Jesus. If there is anything that we can do to assist in planning your individual event, you can also contact us on any of our communication channels. We would love to hear about your event and what you have planned and how you are going to embody the amazing grace of our Saviour to those in and around your community.

Also keep a look out on Facebook for some exciting competitions with fun goodies up for grabs.

One last thing, you can listen out for us on Radio Cape Pulpit if you are in the Cape Town area in South Africa. If you are not in the area you can stream their broadcast from their web page as well.

That’s it for now!

Be Blessed
Team PAG

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